Print Labels For A Hot Sauce Line

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Front view of hot sauce jar with yellow label.

Labels for a line of hot sauces

Salsa Macca was a product released near the end of 2015 by Macca Producciones, a family company of an Australian-Chilean couple that operates between Villarrica and Pucón in south-central Chile. For the launch of his product line, they needed three attractive labels for a line of sauces. The labels had to be quite minimalist, attractive and easy to understand. Each label has a graphic representation of the flavor of the sauce, in addition to the nutritional information and description of the product.

A simple business card was designed as a secondary product, sharing design elements with the labels, and with a diluted boomerang in the background.

Technical Details

  • REIS and Open Sans fonts were used in the design of the labels and card.

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